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What We Can Do




In the Autonomous Period, we can grab a stone, place it on the foundation, and move the foundation into the build zone. We can also park under the Skybridge closest to the Neutral bridge. We can do this on either Alliance but must be centered in between the bridge and the depot, closest to the line of stones.


Driver Controlled Period

In the Driver Controlled Period, we can easily maneuver the robot around the field with our standard tile runner wheels. Our robot can pick up skystones with rollers and place them on the foundation with the robot’s rotating arm. We can get around 10+ points from this period.




In the Endgame, we can move the foundation with rotating clips on the back of our robot. We can also deploy a capstone onto the foundation. Our robot can park in the building zone. We can score up to 27 points in Endgame.

Video Coming Soon!

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